2014 Testimonials

We think our race is pretty awesome, but here is what participants had to say....

"The East Texas half marathon was great. As soon as we arrived, the staff was extremely courteous and treated us like old friends. The trees in Nacogdoches were beautiful and the course was fairly level. My husband and I decided to complete the entire Race Texas Series and the East Texas half was our favorite." - Melissa F.

"I was one of those two last runners. I wanted to quit so many times but my niece with me kept telling me we could do it. It was both our first. You guys made us feel so special. Thanks also for all the sweet comments, also thanks to all the volunteers cheering us on and the poor paramedic that followed us on a bicycle he never complained. The police were awesome to stop traffic waiting for us to cross. All in all this was a GREAT RACE and we have happy memories." - J Deane B.

"Thank you East Texas Half Marathon for an awesome first Half for my husband and me. It was such a well run event!! A big thank you to the police, volunteers, and terrific spectators along the way...it was so awesome to have their support! The signs were awesome too!! Lord willing, we will definitely be back next year!!" - Shelley J

"Thank you East Texas Half!!! That was such a great first half for my friends and I! Everyone was SO nice! All the police and volunteers were so encouraging and uplifting!! Thank you, thank you for a great experience and fun memories!!" - Heather L.

"Could not have asked for a more perfect first half marathon! The vols were great, signs made me smile & laugh when I didn't feel like I could, and the police called me by name to encourage since it was on our #." - Angela B.

"The signs, the volunteers, the beautiful route, the improvement in the earlier weather reports, all wonderful. Our hotel was in on it too with breakfast bags this morning. Thanks for making this a great weekend." - Cindy C.

"I chose the East Texas Half as first half because I am an SFA alum. I had not been to Nacogdoches in 15+ years. Thank you for a wonderful homecoming! So well organized! Great job ETH and city of Nac." - Sherri R.

"Incredible race! It is my new favorite! The support system you had rivaled any big city race. I was having so much fun, I forgot about the cold and got a PR!" - Elaine B.

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